DOGstar has been creating successful pet households since 1995.

The number one reason why dogs end up in shelters is because of trainable behavior problems. As a DOGstar member, you can download hours of training videos on subjects ranging from puppy biting to housebreaking as well as tricks and basic obedience exercises. You will also have a certified DOGstar behavior specialist available, toll free for the life of your dog to assist in training and behavior consultations.

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helpmefindMYPET; the North American wide alert system for lost pets.

The moment your pet is lost or stolen an automatically generated alert poster of your pet is sent to every member, pet shelter, vet and pet business in a 25-50 mile radius of where the pet was last seen. All leads and sightings are immediately relayed to the owner.

Features & Benefits

helpmefindMYPET IDREGISTRY; Premier Forever ID registration system.

helpmefindMYPET has live operators available 24/7/365. Found pets are reunited with their owners via the pet’s microchip, tattoo or ID tag that is forever linked to them once registered.

Features & Benefits


Delian Labradors has partnered with PetKey Services for lifetime puppy protection

  1. All Delian puppies come enrolled with Lifetime Pet Key Pet Protection. This includes a microchip, enrollment in Help Me Find My Pet Registry, Help Me Find My and Dogstar training services. and the AKC papers filed when the puppy goes home.

  1. We value our puppy families here at Delian and we want to keep our puppies safe for their lifetime. We offer this 268 dollars program as part of the purchase price of our puppies here at Delian. Along with the AKC registration, all of our puppies have a microchip ID for identification and to determine origin of birth. We will always take back any of our puppies if ever unwanted or abandoned, no questions asked.

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